Indoor? Will the camera be used indoors or outdoors? Typically all outdoor cameras can also be used indoors, but not all indoor cameras can be used outdoors.

CCD: Refers to the size of the sensor chip inside the camera that picks up light. The smaller the CCD chip, the narrower the angle of view. Therefore a larger 1/3” CCD will typically yield better picture quality than a smaller ¼” CCD with the same resolution.

Varifocal Lenses: Offer the benefit of pre-setting the field of view (angle and zoom) that best fits that particular camera.

Resolution: The main determinant of sharp picture quality is the number of TV Lines of resolution. The greater the number, the better the resolution. Higher resolution (480 TV-Lines and higher) cameras should be used to capture specific details such as facial features.

Lighting: Will the camera be used during the day, at night, or both? Is the area well-lit during these recording times? If used at night or in darkness, how far away is the target area? Lighting is measured in Lux. The rating 0Lux resembles conditions with pitch-black darkness, whereas 1Lux resembles conditions with normal daylight.